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Powur.Rocks ! Things Are moving SUPER Fast !

Things are moving SUPER fast here!
We’re down to 12 days before our first National Convention and we roll Powur out to the world. 

If you missed our latest “update” webinar, including information about the upcoming SolarCity & Tesla Merger (whoa!!), and the crazy announcements from the U.N… 

… You have to watch it here. 

Simply put, there’s never been a category positioned in front of a MULTI-TRILLIONwealth transfer like we are. There’s never been a partnership this iconic in the history of our industry…

… and there’s NEVER been a better time to join than 2 weeks before our launch convention to the world.

I’m telling you… we’re going to make historyand the founding partners will be part of one of the most meaningful wealth transfers you will see in your lifetime.   

Don’t miss it when you had the chance to be first…

Watch the Update. 
Here’s our previous email for more details…
On the heels of “Wall Street Worthy” news… 

This morning’s webinar was on fire! Watch the Replay Here.
Inside this brand new presentation we covered…
- Our recent trip to SolarCity corporate headquarters and the latest news on SolarCity’s Merger with Tesla Motors, the mostinnovative brand on planet earth.

- Why it’s theorized this merger could make Tesla the first $1 trillion market cap company. 

- Who is the Powur opportunity actually for?

- The 7 Powur conversations and what you need to do in order to make full time money.

- How to build $18,530.00 per month in guaranteed Residual income for the next 20 years! 

- What just happened with the United Nationsthat will result in TRILLIONS of dollars changing hands.

Plus so much more. Watch the full replay right here Now.
When you’re finished, click here to get the “Powur 7” Email series and register as a Partner.
Like promised on the webinar… we’llPERSONALLY do your proprietary “24 Hour Powur Launch”, our new process working like crazy to launch people’s business into profitability. You’ll love it! 

Carve the time to hear the latest news on this epic, History-making, first ever opportunity. You’ll be glad You did. 

To Your Freedom, 
Jonathan Budd

P.S. Oh, did I mention you can hire me as your marketing director to do all your lead generation when you join Powur!?   

Yup, it’s true.  And we’ll show you inside the webinar how to get an endless source of the highest quality leads to grow your business… with me working my butt off FOR YOU

Watch the Replay Here.
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Powur dot Rocks ! A Letter From Our CEO Jonathan Budd


We are less than two weeks away from our National Launch Convention! I’m so excited I can barely sleep.

We are LAUNCHING Powur to the world! This vision we’ve all been putting our time, energy, blood, sweat, and tears into… so that we can accelerate the adoption of sustainable energy worldwide, build a new energy paradigm that saves our planet, and creates a new model for entrepreneurship filled withpassion and purpose. This is something people, and our world, desperately need.

I feel more than ever… we are at the brink of history. The future is uncharted and uncertain, but darn is it exciting. We will witness incredible change nationally and globally as the century-old utility model is disrupted and decentralized. There will be challenges and obstacles we face along the way. But my confidence lives in the fact this is a sacred mission, and we are the people to do it.

Watching all the new Senior Partners, National Partners, and now GAME-CHANGERS rise in the ranks everyday… is like watching captains, corporals, and generals being born in one of the most important armies that’s ever existed. The leadership, your leadership, inspires me like you wouldn’t believe. I’m ready to go to the ends of the earth with all of you, to help you reach your most important goals in life and to make our dent on the Universe.

Make this week COUNT. Give everything you can give this week… live fully. Have no regrets. Know that you did your ALL and I promise you’ll be satisfied with yourself. The clock is ticking in more ways than one…

To Your Freedom,
Jonathan Budd's signature


TONIGHT: Turn Prospects Into Partners

Our Monday night National Opportunity Call will offer you EVEN more recruiting horsepower than usual as Founder/CEO Jonathan Budd joins Bobby Smith, VP of Sales to share first-hand updates from SolarCity Headquarters. This is mind-blowing information you won’t want to miss. Bobby will also provide his engaging sneak peek into the Powur vision and opportunity. Take advantage of this SPECIAL call… text, email and/or call as many guests as you can and ask them if they are available tonight to learn more about a company positioned in front of the greatest business opportunity of the century.IMPORTANT TIP: Remember to whet their appetite for our amazing opportunity with our Powur overview video.

5 p.m. Pacific Time | 8 p.m. Eastern Time
Call-in Number:  (712) 775-7035|Access Code: 943726#

Who Will be Crowned at Powur:Activation?

The Excitement is Building... we are down to the last 7 days of the Powur Pre-launch Championship, but this contest is FAR from over!

First off, we want to congratulate the individuals listed on the leaderboard below who are not only contenders to win up to $45,000 in CASH prizes... but also to go down in HISTORY as the Top 20 Pre-Launch Champions of Powur!

However, none of these spots are set in stone. Right on their heels eager to crack into the top 20 are... Ely Erdan, Stacey Roi, Juan M Crespo, Amit Bijlani, Beau Mueller, Brandon Llamas, Daniel Westover, Heidi Walker, Sarah Leenders Sirianni, Adam Farver & Theo Farver, Glenn Paris, Al Torres, and Rush Waghorne. You all are so close…  sponsoring just 1 partner, helping just 1 partner get qualified, having 1 or 2 more people on your team come to the event can rocket any of you closer to the top of this contest!

The competition is just as heated for the Top Qualified Lead Generators, vying to win a 7-day cruise, a DaVinci 3d Printer, and a FitBit Activity Wristband... and most importantly, a spot in history as the TOP Solar Pre-launch Champions!


Stacey Roi

Stacey Roi has advanced through the Powur ranks with record speed, achieving National Partner in just 3 weeks! Her secret weapon? Barbeques.

“All I've done is invite people to a backyard BBQ to learn about "something you don't want to miss out on," Stacey told us. “Consistency is key so we are having a BBQ every week so people know that they can count on a place to come and bring guests to share the Powur opportunity and have fun with friends. My sixteen-year-old is excited about Powur as well and every week she invites her friends who in turn tell their parents to get out to the BBQ and hear about what's going on. It's a fun family business.” Stacey has held 3 parties, with 12 people attending the first and 20 at the second and third. Seven partners have joined as a result, with 2 more close to joining.

Stacey added: “Powur makes it easy to submit leads and share the opportunity with others through your personal website. It's so simple that I keep looking to see what I am missing. All you need is your cell phone and you can do this business from anywhere in the world.”

A seasoned, successful network marketing professional, Stacey said that she became a partner after watching Powur’s Overview video five times. “That started my hunger to learn all I could about Powur. I couldn’t get enough. As I did my research what really excited me was that Powur was a pre-launch company getting ready to have its first-ever conference. I love getting involved in the very beginning of a company (timing is everything), especially one poised in front of a $46 trillion-dollar industry just getting ready to explode.”

Stacey is also doing well with qualified solar leads, achieving 10 so far. “We follow up with everyone after the party and talk with them about solar installation. Asking people to get a free quote and save on their energy bill has worked well. Putting those leads in the back office and doing the live transfers works. I’m just following the system.”

We are inspired by your massive action Stacey. Thank you for sharing your story about the power of in-person connection.
A view of Stacey’s first gathering, with her sponsor, Kimberly Whitfield (Powur’s newest GAMECHANGER!!) participating via a Zoom video conference, which are quickly becoming the most effective high-tech, high-touch way to introduce small groups to Powur.

Weekly Rank Up Board


Senior Partner Liz Swearsky is building a formidable team and racking up an impressive number of qualified leads. And now she has a new achievement to add to her list – last week she brought her 101-year-old home into the 21st century!

“We chose to go solar because we are passionate about bringing energy back to the people and moving to clean solar energy... which is the same reason why I joined Powur. I wanted to set an example for others who might be on the fence, especially with an older home,” Liz said. “My only regret is that the panels are on the back of our home – I see the panels as a badge of honor and want to show them off!”

Liz’s system will save about $135 a year in electricity costs and offset 57,607 lbs. of CO2, equivalent to driving a car 61,871 miles. She said the experience with SolarCity was awesome. “I loved my solar concierge, Thomas. He always kept in touch with me and if I had questions he always had the answer or directed it toward someone who did. Every SolarCity employee that came to my home was respectful and very professional. “

Congratulations, Liz


Waiting List Open For Exclusive Co-op

Powur will be expanding its Powur Leaders Elite Marketing Co-op campaign to give additional partners the opportunity to take advantage of this brand new type of marketing co-op, in which our internal team will handle all the ad creatives, targeting, multivariate split testing, funnel creation, multi-platform exposure, ad optimization and niche target marketing with co-op participants simply receiving the extremely qualified partner leads that we generate. Participation is by private invitation only. If you’re interested in learning more and being added to our Co-op Waiting List, email VaNessa Duplessie, VP of Field Operations at                              ________________________________________________
“The Powur Lead Generation Co-Op is the most amazing platform in this industry and we're thankful that Powur can deliver passionate, purposeful people to join our planet-saving mission!!”
Senior Partner and Co-op Participant Scott McKay

Our private facebook page is THE place to meet all of your comrades in this movement, and share information, stories, and successes. If you aren’t plugged into this community yet, ask your sponsor or a teammate to add you to this group so you, too, can have access to all the inside knowledge. And while you’re at it, connect with us on all of our social media sites… follow us on youtube and twitter and like us on ourfacebook fan page.


“Do your work with your whole heart, and you will succeed.”
Elbert Hubbard, American writer, publisher, artist, and philosopher.

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Powur: You Are The One

Disruption (Full Movie, 2014)

Clean Energy Made Easy with SolarCity -- See How Solar Energy Works

Powur Intro

Powur explained by Jonathan Budd

The Most Important Powur Class You Will See.

What's Your MTP? (Massive Transformational Purpose)

Powur Partners Speak!

The Powur Opportunity

Friday, July 8, 2016

Powur Rewards Plan

Get Your Free Quote For Residential Solar Installation Here

Quote for Residential Solar Installation
Get Your Free Quote For Residential Solar Installation Here

Why You Should Install Solar Panels on Your Home Solar panels have been around for nearly a half-century, but the technology has advanced considerably over the past several years which have made them a very practical addition to your home. Once installed, the solar panels collect energy from the sun during the day where it is used to help power your home. Depending on the number of panels you employ, it can be a little bit of power or a lot. In fact, solar panels not only provide energy, but the look good on your home and advertise it as one that saves on electric bills. Many companies that install solar panels will provide in their contract a low monthly energy bill that allows you to pay off the investment in a pre-set period of time. Plus, they will inspect and maintenance the panels when needed. Five Reasons Why You Should Use Solar Panels Simple Installation: One of the great advantages of solar panels is that they are very easy to install. For the most part, the panels go on the unoccupied roof space of your residence to receive unobstructed sunlight. Once set up they require very little maintenance and provide power during the daytime and if they use batteries at night as well. Easy to Use: The panels are integrated into your electrical system so that they add to the power you receive from the main power grid. Although it is recommended that you inspect the panels every so often, particularly after a violent storm for any damage, they are very easy to use after they have been installed. Lower Energy Cost: Residents that have active solar panels on their homes pay less on their monthly electric bill. This means that you will save money month after month and before you know it the solar panels have paid for themselves. Emergency Power: As the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy demonstrated, many people in the affected area were not only without power, they could not find available gasoline for their home generators since gas pumps operated off the power grid. However, solar panels provided some power for homes that could be used to run a refrigerator or heating device that provided some comfort. Increases Value of Home: Solar panels actually increase the inherent value of houses on the market because of the power they provide. Many home buyers look for houses with solar panels as a means to lower energy bills and emergency power sources. And, thanks to the energy monitoring app that now comes with many solar panels, you can actually track the amount of energy they provide. This lets you see just how much solar panels are contributing to the energy usage in your home. Remember, for homes that create more energy than they use, many power companies are obliged to actually purchase the excess from you. In the end, solar panels are a great solution to leveling and even decreasing your energy bills. They can also be replaced when damaged due to a storm or other event meaning that you will quickly get back the power they provide. 5 ‘Powerful’ Reasons To Install Solar Panels On Your Home Gone are the days where having solar panels installed was considered a little bit ‘alternative’. Nowadays, things in the world of solar power are really ‘heating up’. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, 66,440 new solar systems were installed in the U.S. in the first three months of 2015. This brings the total U.S. households with solar to approximately 700,000. The vast majority of residential installations are happening not only because of improved technologies and reduced installation costs but because solar energy is helping people the world over to save money, reduce pollution and add value to their homes. We ‘shine the light’ on the Top 5 reasons why you should install solar panels sooner, rather than later. 1. You will save money We all know electricity is a commodity that costs money. We also know that the cost of electricity never seems to be going down. That was until you installed your solar panels! After the installation, receiving your electricity bill will become a joy. Well, almost! We can’t promise that but having a solar electricity system on your roof does offset some of the costs associated with electricity, saving you money. 2. You will get superhuman powers Did you know you are a superhero? Who knew you had the power to generate your own electricity? As the sun beams down on the panels, the power is harnessed to generate electricity that you can use in your home. Plus, surplus power is fed back into the grid and you may receive credit for the power you supply. Your true superhuman power is actually that by installing solar panels you are contributing to a sustainable future. Even installing a small 1kW solar system can prevent 1.5 tonnes of carbon being released each year. Now, that’s powerful! 3. You will add value to your home Consider the upfront costs a long term investment. The longer you have your system, the more benefits you will reap. Most solar power systems pay themselves off in less than five years, adding value to your home in the long-term. What are you waiting for? Shine your light on the world by installing solar panels today.

Get Your Free Quote For Residential Solar Installation Here

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This Is My First Blog Post 

My Intention Here Is To Share With You My Valued Reader 

What Can Only Be Described As


Deregulation of the Energy Industry Is Creating Huge Opportunities

Right Now Is Your Time !

Click Below For An Eye Opening 11 Min Video