Monday, July 18, 2016

Powur.Rocks ! Things Are moving SUPER Fast !

Things are moving SUPER fast here!
We’re down to 12 days before our first National Convention and we roll Powur out to the world. 

If you missed our latest “update” webinar, including information about the upcoming SolarCity & Tesla Merger (whoa!!), and the crazy announcements from the U.N… 

… You have to watch it here. 

Simply put, there’s never been a category positioned in front of a MULTI-TRILLIONwealth transfer like we are. There’s never been a partnership this iconic in the history of our industry…

… and there’s NEVER been a better time to join than 2 weeks before our launch convention to the world.

I’m telling you… we’re going to make historyand the founding partners will be part of one of the most meaningful wealth transfers you will see in your lifetime.   

Don’t miss it when you had the chance to be first…

Watch the Update. 
Here’s our previous email for more details…
On the heels of “Wall Street Worthy” news… 

This morning’s webinar was on fire! Watch the Replay Here.
Inside this brand new presentation we covered…
- Our recent trip to SolarCity corporate headquarters and the latest news on SolarCity’s Merger with Tesla Motors, the mostinnovative brand on planet earth.

- Why it’s theorized this merger could make Tesla the first $1 trillion market cap company. 

- Who is the Powur opportunity actually for?

- The 7 Powur conversations and what you need to do in order to make full time money.

- How to build $18,530.00 per month in guaranteed Residual income for the next 20 years! 

- What just happened with the United Nationsthat will result in TRILLIONS of dollars changing hands.

Plus so much more. Watch the full replay right here Now.
When you’re finished, click here to get the “Powur 7” Email series and register as a Partner.
Like promised on the webinar… we’llPERSONALLY do your proprietary “24 Hour Powur Launch”, our new process working like crazy to launch people’s business into profitability. You’ll love it! 

Carve the time to hear the latest news on this epic, History-making, first ever opportunity. You’ll be glad You did. 

To Your Freedom, 
Jonathan Budd

P.S. Oh, did I mention you can hire me as your marketing director to do all your lead generation when you join Powur!?   

Yup, it’s true.  And we’ll show you inside the webinar how to get an endless source of the highest quality leads to grow your business… with me working my butt off FOR YOU

Watch the Replay Here.
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